Ride to Hell passing tips: Retribution - Main Missions # 019

Taming and breeding animals: Kabanov, wolves, locations.

How and what to feed, the question about the pen.

You have the opportunity to tame some animals and close them in the aviary. This concerns boars, wolves and locations. Controlled breeding will allow you to get a constant flow of skins and meat and even get comrades who will support you in battle.

Below you will find detailed instructions, how to tame individual animals. Kabana is definitely the easiest case, so we will start with them.

How to tame boar

To start breeding, you must first build a farm. It is best to use a round fence for which too much wood is not required. The feather shape does not matter, but better if it is large enough.

The pen must also be input that will allow you to hold a boar inside. You can use the door for this.

And now I go to find kabanov. Pay attention to them so that they try to grab you, then run to the handle, watching them all the time fled to you.

Now log in to the edge and open the cabban door. Once inside, close the door and jump out of the chapter through the fence. For breeding in the cell there must be at least two boars.

Once the boars are locked, start the process of taming:

Push the boar with fruits, carrots or ordinary forest mushrooms - just wait in the yard and throw them inside

Yellow hearts should appear above the boars - this is a sign that the boars are tamed

repeat the process after the boars have eaten the abandoned food

When the boars are not aggressive when approaching, they are tamed. You can stroke them with the E button, but it is not necessary.

Approaching Kabana, you can see, he is hungry or satisfied (full):

Breeding Volkov

To tame wolves, build a farm from a stronger object type, for example, frequenza. Frightened animals will quickly destroy the usual fence. Then find the wolves and enter them inside by throwing raw meat on the ground in the form of bait or simply attracting their attention and running out like wild boars.

Otherwise, the process of taming is similar to the previous one - however, the wolves feed raw meat throwing meat into the pen, go away, so that they are not aggressive and can be calm.

To throw meat in a more durable and, therefore, a higher edge, you will most likely need a special feeding platform.

To the animal should follow you and defended you during the battle, just intend the torn wolf by the E. button The white house market has a simple set of rules to follow in order to ensure safety for buyers and sellers